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Andoflora, 25 years impregnating the parish with aromas and colors

Andoflora has launched this morning its 25th edition with the creation of a natural mosaic and the singing of the Sardana 'Comapedrosa'. The event has been impregnating the parish with dozens of aromas, colors, decorations and magical spaces that move the Massana to a world of fantasy and imagination for 25 years. On top of that, throughout the weekend, the Fontetes square will host a wide range of recreational and leisure activities related to the floral world.

This year, the market has 24 participating companies and different stands filled with flowers, plants and amazing items. There is one for all tastes and ages. We can find from typical sales spaces with the freshest flowers and plants of the market to gastronomic booths where the protagonists are the products of the land and the natural elaborations. There are also stands with handmade jewelry and textile items, custom perfumes and garden furniture or accessories.

The stands El Pastador It offers high quality handmade jams made with 100% natural products. It has more than 25 varieties of perfect flavors to combine, both sweet and salty.

Mat Mun It has a wide variety of carpets and textiles of different designs and colors. Their statement products are mats from England that repel dirt and moisture very well.

Arco Iris It heals with energy stones and other natural products. They have a wide range of necklaces and jewellery made with natural elements suitable for each personality.

P.e.r.l.e It works with the technique of glass and painting to create true works of art with floral and natural motifs. Their statement products are the objects made with Mura glass.

Natturals It offers a wide range of plants both for indoors and outdoors. All its products are high quality and overflow with naturalness and freshness.

Mr. Bricolage It has garden material perfect to decorate and protect plants and flowers. It also has different types of soil and indoor plants, such as cacti of different sizes and colors. Coses de la Casa It has gastronomic products and handmade textiles. Their most outstanding products are the hand embroidered cushions. They are restored, redesigned and ready to decorate any home.

Nina Rosa

It stands out for offering creative and innovative textile sewing products. It offers, for example, handmade bags or cacti figurines with a lot of style and personality.

Més que flors It displays a wide range of accessories for hair and other parts of the body with floral and nature motifs perfect to bring originality and freshness to anyone.

Marta Draps It integrates different cloths and textile products made by hand with high quality fabrics and original designs. There also have many products for babies or to make a gift.

Quatre Mans It has restored and recycled decoration products. From a vase or a plate to a small piece of furniture or a drawer. Everything is handmade with the aim of giving the products a second chance.

Natural Yanniss It sells different cosmetic products made with elements of nature. All products are gluten free and its manufacture is 100% handmade.

Fred Oh! It is a perfect food stand to stop by and eat something to accompany the visit to Andorflora with natural foods full of flavor.

Iuca It offers perfect gardening products and items to complement your garden or any green space with high quality accessories.

Tot Natura It has a wide range of plants, flowers and other floral accessories. It shows a personalized attention and they solve any doubts you might have.

Fruits secs Francesca It sells different natural nuts. From almonds or hazelnuts to new products . There is one for all tastes and palates. All products are high quality and fresh.

Persianes Mazón It integrates awnings, blinds, mosquito nets and other outdoor materials. It also manufactures custom-made curtains of all types for all needs and spaces. Gravats Maite It offers different artistic works such as engravings, drawings, illuminations or copper ironing, among many others. All his works are handmade and there are different floral and natural motifs. La Florista de Sant Julià They work with fresh plants and flowers and they make bouquets or any other creations that might be requested. It has a home delivery service and its star product is the preserved rose, which lasts between 3 and 5 years.

Be You It gives you the opportunity to create your own perfume from seven main essences. There is also the possibility of buying a chest to make the creations at home. Pocions de Lluna Nova It has natural cosmetics products made with plants and products from Andorra. Theri star product is lip balm and blavet moisturizer, which regenerates the skin around the eyes.

Aquanova It offers fresh flowers and plants, especially from the garden. It also organizes events and makes different creations for special occasions. Events Pirineu It has a wide range of furniture and garden accessories perfect to dress up any event and give personality and originality to each space. Santa Anna It is a feeding space. Its specialty is the churros, which allow to liven up the walk through Andorflora.

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