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Andorra produces 19% of the electricity it consumes

Did you know that during 2017 Andorra consumed 579.9 GWh of electricity? (0.9% less than in 2016). And that of the total amount consumed, it produced 19% of it? (The rest being imported from France and Spain).

The country produces its electricity through different energy sources: hydraulics, photovoltaics, cogeneration and through the Waste Treatment Center. The most producing one is the hydraulics, which have generated 86.7 GWh, 79% of the total electricity produced.

In front of these figures, you have to keep in mind that Andorra is very affected by the changes in temperature or weather. Indeed, if one year there is not a lot of snow, the country must produce artificial snow and this increases its demand of electricity, but also if a very cold wave arrives, households must also raise their heating and, consequently, consume more.

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