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Bathe your pet in an easy, comfortable and hygienic way

Everyone who has a pet is aware of the necessity and difficulty of bathing them properly. However, there are places that make this task easier thanks to the only automatic booths in the world, specifically designed to ensure your dog's hygiene is a comfortable and simple process.

These self-service centres have a space designed to brush, bathe and dry your dog both automatically and manually at an economical price (from 7 euros). In addition to the cabins, they offer paraben- and silicone-free vegan shampoos for long or short hair, natural andiroba oil to repel insects and ozone therapy treatments to eliminate bad odour, heal wounds and improve skin health.

Below, you will be able to see how the booths work step by step:

1) All of them are integrated with a touch screen so that we can easily choose the language and each of the options proposed by the bathing programme. Once we have chosen it, the cabin will disinfect (if we have chosen this option) and will give us the instructions to introduce our pet.

2) Next, the automatic bathing process will begin, during which we must not tie the pet down so that it can move freely. The cabin will spray decalcified water with soap and we will be able to maintain visual contact with the dog throughout the process.

3) Afterwards, the rinse can be carried out automatically, manually or by combining both options. During the process, it will be possible to pause the time as many times as we wish at no extra cost. In this way, we can apply more shampoo and rub it into the areas we consider. When it is finished, we can extend the rinse for a few minutes free of charge.

4) Finally, the cabin will proceed to start drying the coat. In this case, we will also have extra time to manually dry the most difficult to access areas.

In this way, these centres offer us the possibility of guaranteeing the hygiene of our pets without haste, with high quality products and without making a mess at home at an affordable price.

At Lavakan you can bathe your pet in a simple way and avoid dirtying your home. The company has 20 years of experience in the sector and has developed bathing cabins with an integrated automatic washing system, which has a low water consumption and uses top quality natural products to guarantee the health of the skin and coat of the animals. In addition to not needing an appointment to take your pet, you can pause the programme at any time and intervene in the process at your convenience.

Tel: +376 830 798

Carrer de la Vinya, 1, AD500 Andorra la Vella

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