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Bathing your pet has never been so easy

Grooming your pet is not always an easy task. The difficulty in getting them to keep calm or the cleaning tasks that must be carried out after washing are aspects to be taken into account before venturing into the bathroom at home. Lavakan was created to solve this type of situation: a company with automatic, ecological and easy-to-use bathing and drying cabins.

The cabins uses sprayed and decalcified water, so it is possible to increase the frequency of bathing your pet without damaging its skin and coat. On top of that, the shampoos are 100% vegan, free of parabens and silicones, with aloe vera for long coats and degreaser for short coats. It is also possible to pay supplements for the cabin to apply 100% vegan and non-toxic repellent if ingested or an ozone therapy treatment, useful for eliminating odours, maintaining healthy skin or healing wounds.

Although the washing machines are automatic, it is possible to use them manually (an ideal option if your dog is very nervous) or even pause the process and apply more soap, as there are free dispensers on the premises. It is also worth noting that pets weighing up to 76 kilograms have been bathed in the booths.

Returning to the frequency of bathing, it is necessary to emphasise that the sprayed water allows you to bathe your pet without rubbing the skin, so the sebaceous layer that protects them will not be affected. Likewise, decalcified water does not dry out the skin, but leaves the hair shinier, softer and allows the shampoo to dissolve completely.

The process is simple: brush your pet, select the desired bath, wait for the cabin to disinfect, introduce the dog and follow the instructions on the screen that the machine incorporates. Easy, quick, practical and economical. See the washing process step by step:

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