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Calidea and la Dama de Gel

The sculpture Calidea and la Dama de Gel is located in the roundabout of the tunnel of the bridge Pla of Escaldes-Engordany. The work is divided into two scenarios and it contains different meanings.

Calidea is the work of the artist Ángel Calvente and its inspiration comes from legends and myths about water. While La Dama de Gel is by Philip Lavall and represents a symbiosis between the figure of a horse and the one of a sylph.

The sculpture is complemented by a set of water that envelops the two figures. The water is projected from Calidea and hits La Dama de Gel. This fact symbolizes the union between the two representations and is even more formalized during the winter months, when the water freezes and remains petrified on both figures.


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