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Contemporary art in the country's city centre

Those who enjoy the feelings provoked by contemporary art are lucky, as they can enjoy it in all its splendour in a hotel right in the centre of Andorra. HMC K-ENA has the only Art Lounge Bar in the Andorran principality, which exhibits the unique works of the artist Ramón Soberón Gómez-Palacio.

Soberón started in the art world in 2012 and has since exhibited his compositions in galleries in Italy and Spain, and his works can be found in homes all around Europe.

In his early days, the contemporary artist used a lesser profusion of colour, focusing mostly on palettes that tended towards red, black and gold. In this first artistic stage, his compositions were executed on high-density paper, using an ink technique in most of his works. These early works mostly depict continental structures, especially the continental formations and masses prior to the break-up of Pangaea.

Subsequently, the artist entered his second creative period, in which his paintings experienced an explosion of colour. He began to produce larger pieces with more dimension and depth. He began to use various artistic supports, mixing acrylic materials, porcelain and glass paints and even ferric solutions. This transition was also accompanied by a change in the medium used, as the artist switched to painting on canvas.

In its entirety, this second stage develops in a more complex way the same idea as the first: geographical masses and paleo-geographical themes. The artist's evolution is considerable, as his latest paintings reflect universes with many elements in which you could even get lost. Indeed, the aim of these representations is to make viewers lose themselves in the intensity of the painting, compressing a three-dimensional world into the confines of a two-dimensional support.

A selection of paintings is on display at the HMC K-ENA hotel, but contemporary art enthusiasts can also find him on Instagram, where he has online sales.

The HMC K-ENA hotel is located in Andorra la Vella. It has the country's only Art Lounge Bar, where you can enjoy a drink with friends or family after a day's work. It also has a work area, making it an excellent option for business travellers. The atmosphere is familiar, quiet and elegant. It is also located just a few minutes from the most important shopping area in the country and places of interest such as Plaça del Poble and Caldea.

Baixada del Molí, 49, AD500 Andorra la Vella

+376 331 223

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