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El Solà

El Solà is a restaurant specialized in all kinds of grill: meats, sins, vegetables... It has two wood barbecues and two ovens that are the statements of the place and that allow to cook dishes as succulent as cod to the Portuguese or the German ox. We can also find grilled octopus, lamb, duck magret, prawns... and many more products filled with intense flavors and aromas. On top of that, the venue offers four daily menus and an extensive menu filled with home-made food cooked with fresh and high quality ingredients. And everything can be accompanied by a wide variety of wines and handmade desserts.

The restaurant has a 220 people capacity and is complemented by a large terrace available all year round that allows you to have a bite while enjoying the outdoors.

AD100 Canillo

Avda. San Juan de Caselle

T. +376 853 350

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