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Projecte Vida is born, an association to help people with addictions

Providing our selfless help to improve the lives of those who need it most is one of the noblest acts we can perform. To offer our experience to accompany those who feel unable to continue their journey with determination. A few days ago, Eva Tenorio and her team completed the necessary procedures to found the association Projecte Vida, a non-profit initiative whose main objective is to help people with addiction problems.

Some of the organizers have had difficulties of this kind in the past and have now joined efforts to "proclaim the right to a decent life, as well as to promote a healthy life, well-being and integration of people with addiction problems". On top of that, they also seek to "combat social stigma and address drug dependence from a gender perspective".

Projecte Vida seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle and the integration of people with addiction problems.

Advised by Proyecto Hombre, an association of the same nature that has been guiding people who use drugs and their families to overcome the situation for 30 years, they will organize groups to help those involved and those closest to them, Prevention talks in schools in Andorra and outings for mountain walks or yoga, among other things. On top of that, as the partnership evolves, more partnerships and initiatives will be developed.

As for the data on addictions in Andorra, Tenorio points out that, unfortunately, there is still very little information available to understand the current panorama. However, she was aware that there were many people who needed guidance and stressed that, in her view, alcohol was the most widely used drug in the Principat and that it affected a large number of women in particular. From now on, both they and they will have a new family willing to take care of them until their recovery.

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