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Hairstyling trends summer 2022


Summer is a time of parties, celebrations and new experiences, so many people are encouraged to change their style to start this season with a renewed look, to establish the beginning of a change or simply to suffer less heat. However, between the high temperatures and the wide range of possibilities, it is not always easy to decide between one haircut or another, so here are the trends that will be seen this summer to give you some ideas.


The rise in temperature usually means a boom in shorter and more casual styles, so the first look that comes back with force is the bob haircut, especially in its longer version to give that feminine and elegant touch.


However, this year we have seen a retro fashion boom, so the typical nineties bob, with the back of the hair shorter than the front, will also become popular. It's a youthful and fresh cut that doesn't require much maintenance so you don't have to worry too much about how to style your hair.


For the more daring, another haircut that has scored points this year is the Wolf Cut. It plays with layers and differences in the level of the hair to give that casual, slightly unruly look that goes so well with summer.


Along the same lines, the à la garçonne cuts are back this season. They are the perfect balance between masculinity and femininity, ideal for a striking and sexy look.

On the other hand, whether in short or long styles, bangs are also in style this season. They are the ideal way to change your look in a noticeable way without making a drastic change, and allow you to have a more polished look with a classic cut, or a more casual look with an edgy fringe.


As for the longer haircuts, layers and waves will be frequently seen again. They are the perfect way to add volume and movement to the hair and give the impression of a windblown mane. They're also a big favorite because they convey a beach style and are the perfect cut for easy beach waves, as well as being fairly easy to maintain.

When it comes to hair color trends, ash blonde and chocolate brown tones are perfect for this season, as they reflect the sun's glare beautifully. However, copper tones and even vibrant reds are also being seen on the streets and catwalks for the more daring.


Whatever your haircut is, remember that during the summer months your hair suffers considerable damage and needs to be cared for. Indeed, whether it's from the sea and pool water, exposure to the sun, or from the updo to escape the heat, hair is often weakened.


On the one hand, it is important to protect the hair from sun damage with high quality products. For example, the brand Abril et nature has a very effective range of products to protect and nourish the scalp. On the other hand, a good detoxification of the hair is essential to ensure proper absorption of the nutrients of the treatments. In this regard, Acqua Coco products are a great choice. Finally, to always maintain shiny hair and protect the color from chemical damage such as chlorine, Montibello products are a sure bet.

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