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La Noblesse du temps

The "Noblesse du temps" or nobility of time is a sculpture made by the Catalan artist Salvador Dali which was given to the Andorran state in 1999 although until 2010 it was not placed in its current place, in the Rotonda Square of Andorra la Vella.

With the dimensions of 4'90m in height, 1'70m in depth, 2'60m in length and a total weight of 1400Kg, this sculpture composed of a watch with a crown on a trunk while melting represents the passage of time and according to the artist the dominion of time over humans.

If you look closely, we can see 2 characters, one on each side of the clock. One of them is a woman, the one that represents the body, the flesh and the material, on the other hand, the angel symbolizes the spirit, the memory and the intangible.


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