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La Savonnerie de Néo

La Savonnerie de Néo offers handmade soaps made with organic ingredients. Their creations are 100% natural and biodegradable. The technique used to make these soaps is cold saponification, which is the only method that preserves glycerin and gives the soaps active ingredients and moisturizing agents. What is saponification? It consists of transforming oil, butter (fat) and an alkaline agent (soda, potash, ash) into soap and glycerin. During the process, the oils and butters are not heated to preserve all their benefits. After the manufacture, an outdoor drying time of four to six weeks is implemented. This optimal and necessary time allows the soap to retain the maximum of its properties and the active ingredients that make it up. Soaps are packaged at the end of curing with the weights indicated on their respective containers. Weight may vary between the packing and the purchase. On top of that, it is quite normal for soaps to have slight variations in color and weight, as they are all handmade without any machine involved. All in all, the Savonnerie de Néo is the perfect choice to maintain a natural hygiene or to make an amazing and environmentally friendly gift.

+376 854 001

Carrer Major, 18, AD200, Pas de la Casa

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