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Laser gun interior design

It’s no secret that the construction industry doesn’t stop advancing incredibly fast as engineering and technology allow it, but there are still innovative techniques out there that still surprise us. This technique in particular has as its main focus thermal energy. A laser beam that concentrates light on the surface of a material to obtain a clean cut and that, among its applications, highlights the possibility of creating railings that are also real works of art. The machine directs the beam of light over a point in the material, raising its temperature until it melts or vaporizes. Then, starts the cutting process, redirecting it to join all the holes and finish separating the material. Finally, pressurized gas (oxygen, nitrogen or CO₂) is used to extract the resulting piece.

Here are some of the advantages of the laser machine: 1. It has perfect precision and allows you to make cuts in any shape, whether geometric or not. 2. It can act on different materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, brass, copper or titanium, among others. 3. It is not subject to wear and tear, so it justifies 100% of the initial investment. 4. The resulting piece does not require subsequent sealing or sanding, so it saves time in the manufacturing process. 5. It has an innovative application, as the manufacturing process is clean, no chemicals or contaminants are used.


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