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Memfis sells electronics and computers. The company works with the best collaborators and brands in the market and has more than 30 years of experience in the sector. In 1999, the organization decided to open its doors to online sales via the Internet, thus expanding the possibilities of purchase and offering all its products around the world. Its stock can be consulted and purchased through the website The entity makes every thing they can to ensure a simple and safe purchase and ensures that all shipments arrive in the shortest possible time and under the best conditions. Menfis provides users with different means of communication, such as the online chat offered by the website and line 902, which facilitates consultation and / or demand in a more economical and easy way. The wide range of products offered by Memphis has no limits: telephones, tablets, cameras and photographic accessories, binoculars, browsers, multimedia devices, televisions ... And all accompanied by a close and personalized attention so that each customer takes the product that best suits their needs.

Andorra la Vella

Av. Príncipe Benlloch núm. 10

T. +376 820 777

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