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Puzzles you didn't know about and where to buy them

While puzzles are a traditional board game and their benefits for the mind are widely known, the global confinement we are experiencing in 2019 and the ongoing isolations caused by the coronavirus have reminded many of us just how entertaining they can be. In fact, in addition to the more familiar formats, there are original alternatives such as the jigsaw puzzles produced by the brand Active Puzzles.

The product is totally different from the conventional ones. It is made of birch wood of sustainable origin, which provides excellent durability and image quality of the wood, and the cuts are made with a laser, which makes the pieces (which are all related to the main design) fit together effortlessly. Moreover, thanks to their great aesthetic value, they can function as a decorative piece in a multitude of environments.

Other emblematic brands, such as Ravensburger, have different models of 3D puzzles (emblematic buildings, globes or cars, among others). Along the same lines, the emblematic brand Educa also has three-dimensional models with dinosaurs as the main theme, and Clementoni has puzzles that can be coloured in and then viewed with 3D glasses. If you are a fan of training your mind with these puzzles, there are other brands worth mentioning, such as Bluebird, Eurographics and Trefl.

Puzzle Locura, the only shop in Andorra specialising in puzzles, has all these brands and many more. Specifically, they work with 29 different brands and have a stock of more than 2,200 puzzles. The owners have been selling online since 2017 and since 2019 they have physical premises. Among their products there is an extraordinary variety in terms of themes and number of pieces: animals, art, still life, cinema and television, sports, landscapes, 3D puzzles and a long list of other categories await you on their shelves. You can even buy a 42,000-piece puzzle if you wish, but be aware that it is over 7 metres long!

Tel: +376 628 317

Av. del Pessebre, 16, AD700 Escaldes-Engordany

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