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Reasons for using glass in construction

Glass is one of the most versatile materials. With it, we can manufacture an infinite number of products to decorate the house, to use it in constructions or to obtain modern and elegant designs. Its manufacture starts from abundant raw materials in nature, remains in perfect condition for a long time and is 100% recyclable, so daring to use it is a success in every way.

Its applications are practically infinite. As it cannot be otherwise, it is usual to use glass for windows or fixed and sliding doors, in order to let pass natural light (and to save on the electric bill) or to be able to expose what is on the other side, but they are also often used to differentiate environments in both offices and homes, giving the rooms a uniform visual continuity and a feeling of amplitude.

There are many types: bulletproof, anti-theft, hardened, laminated, curved, more or less thick or even decorative, with different shapes and colors. There are also fixed and movable ceilings, transparent, translucent or opaque, which allow the progressive ventilation of a covered space. They all have a good resistance to atmospheric phenomena and form striking designs. As for decorative glass, it is perfect to bring a touch of colour to the rooms of the house where neutral tones predominate.

Cristalerias Unió S.L. offers all kinds of installations and fixtures in glass and aluminum. The company has a team of professionals that are available to stay in touch with customers at all times and offer a fast, efficient and quality service. They have safety, insulating and tempered laminated glass windows, sliding, hinged or automatic glass doors, internal and external balustrades, custom or standard bath partitions, mirrors, ceilings, steps, etc. They also feature custom aluminum windows, blinds, mosquito nets and Majorcan. You can request a quote without any commitment here.

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