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Safe and efficient management of your merchandise at all times

gtt transporte mercancias andorra

The transport and management of goods are an essential step in all commercial transactions, so choosing a reliable carrier is essential to guarantee the best results: that deadlines are met, that everything arrives in perfect condition and, of course, that , there is no possibility of the package being lost.

When we talk about transport on an international scale, the management of said merchandise is considerably complicated, since customs costs must be taken into account, as well as the jurisdiction and legislation of each country, which can increase the cost exponentially and compromise profitability of said transaction.

Therefore, whether national or international, a company must have a reliable carrier that will treat its products with the utmost respect and a reliable service. An example of this is Gestión Transporte y Tránsito SLU (GTT), a leading company in the transport and international transit of goods in Andorra.

They always carry out customs management, so customers can rest easy and know that the transport management price is fair and always the minimum they can offer. Another essential point is the assurance that the latter arrive in perfect condition and within the established period. GTT guarantees the delivery of the products within 6 hours from Toulouse and Barcelona to Andorra, in addition to having insurance in case of damage to the merchandise.

As for shipments further afield, the Andorran company has a complete delivery service throughout Spain and France, although with longer delivery times, but always within reasonable limits and with the minimum price they can afford.

If you have a company in Andorran territory, the company also makes deliveries in the country itself with a personalized service and informs its customers at all times of the situation of their merchandise.

Indeed, its more than 40 years of experience in the sector make the company capable of managing any type of merchandise delivery. On top of that, it also has connections to Europe, Asia and America, so they can offer a regular service. Therefore, whether by sea, air or land, GTT will ensure that your goods reach their final destination, whatever it may be.

C/ Virgen de Remei, 20 Santa Coloma AD500, Andorra la Vieja

Tel: +376 807 255 / Fax: +376 807 256

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