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Tess Art

Tess Art is a handicraft and art shop located in Andorra la Vella's city center. The company specializes in scrapbooking and has a wide variety of materials and accessories for all tastes and needs: personalized books and albums, notebooks, decorative letters, paintings, boxes, shields, profession symbols made of clay. .. Everything you might imagine!

This place is the perfect occasion if you are looking for an original gift, a detail that makes the difference or the right materials to decorate any space with your own taste and personality. Moreover, it offers trainings and workshops so that everyone will be able to create their own object, rather it is albums, boxes, frames, notebooks ... It doesn't matter, if you want to learn, Tess Art can be your creative partner. ! To participate on the workshops you can bring home supplies or take advantage of the special packages offered by the store.

This company's strong point is the personalization and high quality of all its materials. And if you have a birthday, a farewell, a wedding or any other event, Tess Art is the perfect opportunity to surprise with different elements, full of originality that integrate phrases or photos of the host.

Andorra la Vella

Carrer Dr. Nequi, núm. 9

T. + 376 861 518

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