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The Andorran Constitution

Ratified by the Andorran inhabitants on March 14, 1993, the Andorran constitution is a key document in the country's history. It reaffirms and certifies the sovereignty of the Principality and its independence.

It was written by three essential members for the microstate. The first was the Consell General d’Andorra, which represents the legislative power of the country. The second actor was a delegation from the Bishop of Urgell. Finally, a delegation on behalf of the French co-prince participated in the composition.

The constitution is structured in 9 parts that deal with the different relevant aspects for the proper functioning of the country. This document consolidates the two co-princes, the Bishop of Urgell and the President of the French Republic, as heads of state, although executive power is granted to the head of the Andorran government.

The constitution is implemented on the day of its publication, April 28, 1993, but it is May 14 that has become the representative day of this moment. It is even one of the 4 days throughout the year that shops are closed all over the country.

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