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Two rivers and more than 40 km of path give life to the Valira river

Through the valleys of Andorra flow multiple water courses that come together to form the Valira River. The Valira basin is Y-shaped and consists of two more tributaries: the Valira del Norte and the Valira de Oriente (east).

The Valira del Nord is born in the lakes of Tristaina, it has a path of 14 km and it passes through Ordino and La Massana it until arrives to Encamp, where it joins the Valira del Est. This second variant of the Valira originates in the most eastern part, has a path of 23 km, passes through Canillo and Encamp and ends in Escaldes-Engordany. Together, they form the Gran Valira, which runs 11.6 km.

The average annual flow of the river is 13 m3 per second. It flows south and ends up in the Segre River which, in turn, is a tributary of the Ebro.

Map of Valira River:

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